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From a mixture of viewers, video makers, and advertisers; it reaches almost a billion of users all-in-all. YouTube has become one of the most successful and used social media platform of all time. Every day, a viewer intends to watch videos for hours, not just for a minute of a cute baby or pet videos, but from a variety of categories YouTube has to offer. According to GlobalWebIndex, one in four YouTubers surveyed had watched a branded video last July. Are you sure you are targeting the right audiences? And are they watching your videos? Here comes in the importance of YouTube algorithm.

YouTube algorithm is a computerized system that determines which set of videos users see on the site. The “search and discovery system” will not only decide which video suits the visitor, but also helps to determine which will be shown or other sections of the sire.


Knowingly, there are six places where algorithm most impacts your videos- n search results, the suggested videos stream, on the home page, the trending stream, under the viewer’s subscriptions, and through any notifications they have set up.


Using artificial intelligence, the YouTube ranking algorithm focuses on how subscribers interact with videos, that learns from over 80 billion bits of feedback from various audiences daily- to understand how to serve the suitable videos each person, at the right time. Note that audience feedback includes, but are not limited to: In broad terms, that audience feedback includes: how much time they spend watching a video, what they do (and don’t) watch, how much time they spend watching videos during each visit, likes, dislikes, and not interested feedback.

Channel and videos with a consistent watch times and has more engagements, tend to show up higher in search results. Sometimes, the best thing to keep in mind is, shorter the better.