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Welcome to SEA Media! The place your business comes to build relationships, create engagement and spark conversations online. We’re a social media marketing agency that has spunk, creative minds, and desire to help you produce more leads for your business!!

SEA Media, LLC, is a full service agency that specializes in social media marketing since 2013 and we’ve been blessed to expand our clientele all over the United States!

Working with us, means that you get a team of social media experts that seek to help your brand and voice shine online. You’ll be thrilled with our vibrant team and creative ideas that will help anchor you to a solid foundation for your business to grow from.

We are the right solution for you if:

  • you need to have new active leads and clients month over month
  • you have a clear action for someone to take once visiting your website (i.e. fill out a form, download an ebook, purchase a product)
  • you are looking to establish your name and business as a thought leader
  • you want to rank on Google
  • you want a well-thought-out and consistent social posting schedule that aligns with your brand

SEA Media will help you anchor your online marketing. We have a custom solution just for you. So, are you ready to get a quote? Or just want to talk with someone about what you are looking for? Give us a call or click right here!

Hey! Are you shopping for Social Media help? Web design? Lead Generation? Marketing Strategy?

Have you been burnt before by an agency that didn’t deliver on their promises?

Well, we’ve helped build up the trust of a few that have been burnt.

And we wrote about “The Three Overlooked Considerations that YOU SHOULD KNOW Before Choosing an Agency”.

You won’t be saying, “I wish I would known that before I signed the contract”

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Facebook as a Brand Marketing Study Tool

In a beta test of an extension of Facebook’s Audience Insights API, Facebook will be providing a tool for brands to study Facebook users’ posts and engagement to have a better grasp of their market. This beta test is now only available to Facebook’s early ad partners...

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5 Ways to Make Money with Youtube & Sponsorships

Ever thought about how video bloggers and companies get income from creating and sharing videos on YouTube?  Apart from ad placement, working with a video sponsor is a great way to generate more income through your YouTube channel.   Plugging or casual mentions...

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