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Aside from beautiful photos, funny and informative videos, amazing stories, these are just a few from what Instagram engagement can offer. Recently, Instagram released a new feature to its users which is called, Poll.


Adding poll to your story will add a bunch of engagement from your followers or loyal consumers, and can instantly help you stay connected with them. Sometimes, there are no assurances, whether a consumer will stay true to your brand, so it’s better to get in touch and entice them every now and then. Below are ways on creating a poll through your Instagram story.

Create a story post. Your context or photo being used must be connected to the topic of the poll. Make sure to use creative photos so it can be a plus!


Add poll. Tap on the sticker icon at the top of the Story screen and then, select the Poll option. A poll sticker will be added to your story. Customize the question and answer. You can be as creative as you want to be! The creative answers are endless.


Place your poll. Drag the poll sticker where you want to place it, and make it as small or as big as you wanted it to be.

Share it. Share the story once you are done editing and adding whatever sticker or captions Instagram story has to offer. Users who viewed your story can vote for their choice, which can only be done once.


Poll Results. To see this, swipe up or tap on the viewers listed at the bottom, then you will see how many of your followers voted for each. Note that the poll results will only be available until the 24 hour mark is up.

Do it now and see it for yourself! Good thing, Instagram added a new option for its users to be more creative and for brands to stay connected with its consumers.