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How to Repurpose Blog Content into Short-Form Social Media Updates


These days, people’s attention spans are pretty short.  If you partner this with a hectic schedule, it can be hard for most people to sit down and read a lengthy blog post, even if they’re interested in the topic. To better serve you and your audience, here are some ways you can turn your long blog content into a short social media update.


Summarize your best blog posts

First, you will have to pinpoint the blogs which earned the most views or reads. After this, make sure to notice all the key points from those blogs. These points may come in the form of quotes, statistics, or citations.. You just have to make sure that the core message of your blog is clear.


Create a format for posting

It’s hard to turn a long blog post into just a few words. To make it easier, you should have a format in which you can convey your ideas concisely.


After you have done the first step, assess how you want your points to appear on social media. For example, you may want to transform shocking statistics into short videos for a better traction. 1-minute videos are now becoming a trend on Facebook.


Keep in mind that people have different modes of learning so you should make a format for different mediums to cater to a larger number of people.


Write headlines in references to the post’s main point

Next, you should be able to make a compelling statement about why your blogs matter and why people should take the time to read them. It should be different with respect to the other blog headlines you have. You should not make the mistake of reiterating your blog title in your social media headline. In order to give it a new life, add another perspective that may give your viewers a glimpse of the full post. You can also add keywords and hashtags relevant to the topic or the trending event.


Format your posts with respect to the platform


Each social media platform is unique. For example, Twitter only allows you to have 280 characters as a post in contrast with Facebook where you can write as much as you want (up to around 62,000 anyway). Given the character limit, you should state your point in a direct manner. Make sure that your social media posts are formatted in a way suited for the app or the mobile or desktop website. Study the formats of well-known pages or accounts to have an idea on where to start.


For Instagram, make a clean post that is easy to read. It’s best to avoid using too many hashtags because too many can confuse your followers.


On Facebook, you have more space, so use it wisely by writing short bits of content that are dynamic enough to make the reader want to find out more. This is a great way of making your social media posts catch attention. If applicable, be sure to add spaces between paragraphs for better readability.


So, what do you think about these? Have you had any difficulty in making blog posts into social media updates? Tell us how you dealt with it by commenting here.