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Undeniably so, Facebook and its features have made most everyone’s lives a little easier. It has eased our means of global communication and rocketed social media into becoming something we all have. It even has fun games to play!

Because it’s always becoming better, Facebook’s Messenger app has integrated another feature that can help us plan and strategize our day, using Plans and Reminders. Here’s what you do:

  1. Click the plus sign

To be able to use this new feature, you need to have the updated Facebook Messenger app which can be downloaded for free in Google Play or the App Store for Apple. By clicking the “plus” icon located on the lower left portion of the Messenger app, you will be able to see a lot of features such as Location, Games, Polls, and most importantly, Plans.

  1. Tap “Plans”

Tap the Plans icon so the app can show you the interface for setting up your reminders or plans. Remember that anything you set can be seen by the members of the chat group you are setting it in.  

  1. Set the time, date, and name

The interface for setting up the time and date is straightforward. You can just simply scroll through the months, dates, and years as well as the time to find your ideal schedule. After this, you can appropriately name the schedule or reminder you created.

Do you know any other tricks and features of the Facebook Messenger app? How do you use them? Tell us about it through our social media channels! Happy Planning!

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