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Are you considering using Facebook video as another tool to advertise your business? Are you familiar with “watch time” and how to use it to your advantage?

These days, people are spending more time on the internet than they are watching TV, especially millennials. They seem to prefer watching videos online, so here’s your chance to advertise your business. But the tricky part here is the watch time. Watch time is the length of time people spend watching your video. If they enjoyed watching your video once, they will watch it again. They’ll feel encouraged to share it with their friends and even visit your website!

Facebook Video Watch Time: What is it & How it Can Help Your Business

How will you get people to watch to the end?

Timing is everything! Your video must relate to people or the season, such as Valentine’s Day. Make sure that the title or caption accurately describes what’s in the video. It should be short and attention-grabbing. Last but not least, your video’s thumbnail is also a crucial part of getting more watch time. An attractive, but simple thumbnail will encourage your viewer to click the video.

Facebook Video Watch Time: What is it & How it Can Help Your Business

How to Improve Your Facebook Video Ad

Add relevant tags to your video that apply to your target so your audience will find it more easily. When uploading your video to Facebook Ad systems, upload it to your page’s video library. It works best that way, rather than uploading it directly to Facebook Ad systems because you will be able to find it easier. Go to your page and under Publishing Tools, you will see your Video Library. When choosing a video format, it’s best to go with a 1920 x 1080 pixels image ratio to allow mobile phone users to watch your video in landscape mode. If you have multiple videos, upload them all at once, but release them for viewing at different dates and times. A great advantage and time-saver is that Facebook lets you schedule your posts. Just click the small blue arrow next to the blue Publish button, then select your preferred time and date.

Adding videos to Facebook is the new way to target your audience and show that your business keeps up with marketing trends. To stay on top of social media marketing trends, send us a message and let us help you get your ship together!