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Facebook is still growing and improving everything that they currently offer and more. There is an update (or 7) almost every day! Millions of people all around the globe use Facebook, and it doesn’t stop there. Users are not only connecting with each other through Facebook, but small enterprises and big businesses in all industries are using this platform to connect with their engaged audience and potential buyers. But you already knew that or you wouldn’t be here, right?

One of the most recent updates Facebook released is cover videos, which is really old news in the social world. But not everyone is keeping up with social media updates 24/7 like we are!! So to enlighten you, Facebook now allows businesses and individuals to share more about themselves or their brands through cover videos! 

Here is a really cool tutorial and template by PremiereGal to help you get started:

This feature update entails the user or brand, to upload a video with the recommended size of 820 x 462 pixels (however it is required that videos be at least 820 x 312 pixels). There are still some issues with how the Facebook video cover works – like the video gets cropped or stops working sometimes, but many people/businesses have yet to see any issues just yet. We’re 100% positive Facebook is aware of these technical issues and will roll out algorithm updates soon to fix them. 

Facebook cover videos will be a big bonus for businesses to fully connect and show more about their brand right off the bat – as soon as a consumer comes to your page, what do they see? A sweet video about your brand!

Use this advantage to the fullest and make sure you also have engaging post content for potential customers customers to view and share with their friends. 

Have fun with this update! Really utilize it to show your brands voice and mission so people can easily interact with your brand.

This option will be made available to more and more users over time (not everyone is able to upload a cover video just yet!) Facebook is always changing the game – so make sure you’re staying up to date with the latest trends and follow our blog page!