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Branding is the key way of identifying your business to existing and potential customers. With an average of over 1.37 billion people logging into Facebook, having your customers use your custom frames on their posts is a cost-effective and easy way to get your brand out there.


In this post, we’ll show you step-by-step how to create Facebook frames for your business using Facebook Camera Effects, so you and your company can increase your visual branding on Facebook Stories and profile photos.

Visit the Camera Effects Platform page on Facebook and select Create a Frame.

Assign an owner to the frame you create by choosing it from the Select Owner drop-down menu:

Click on Upload Art or drag and drop one or more image files (.PNG) into the window template. You can play around with the size and image position in this same window.

When you’re done, select the Next button and create a name, enter when and where you want the frame to be active, and add keywords for your effect so you and your followers can easily search for it later on.

Location. Facebook Frames can be used by anyone, but your frame can also be set to be triggered when a user is within a specific location, such as at your office, a business or at an event.


Schedule. Facebook frames can be available as soon as you finish the process or set a schedule for when it can be available – this can be very useful for big events or the time leading up to an event.


Keywords. You can add up to 10 keywords so people can find your frame once it’s been published.

After hitting publish, you’re good to go and you can share it to your followers right away:

Other tips and tricks:


Managing Created Frames

Once you’ve published a frame, from the Camera Effects Platform homepage you have the option to turn a frame on or off, duplicate, edit, archive or add to a profile picture through the Manage Page option.

Sharing Your Frame

You can share your link by selecting the frame as a photo or video overlay for your followers with these two options:

  1. Copy the Shareable Link and paste it to a Facebook status with an accompanying caption; or
  2. Select Post and enter a caption from within the Camera Effects Platform:

Additionally, you can also show off your frame directly by selecting the Create a Post with Your Frame option when posting a status directly from your Facebook page. From there, you can select an existing frame you’ve already created or create a new one from scratch:

And that’s it! With these simple steps you can easily share your brand in a fun way by creating photo overlays or frames. Then your followers will be able to use these frames when checking into your business, attending an event, or just showing their excitement about your brand.


Do you have more tips and tricks to share about Custom Frames on Facebook? Tell us through our social media channels! Happy framing!


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